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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the photo booth and printer powered?
    The product is powered by either rechargeable batteries or backup wires.
  • Cellular data and Wi-Fi. What's the difference?
    Cellular Data : The photo booth has it's own cellular data. Just turn it on, follow the instructions & you're good to go! Wi-Fi : This option would be best in rural areas. Use your own personal Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.
  • How strong is the cellular connection?
    Think of the photo booth and printer as a mobile phone. If you're planning to have a mountain wedding, this probably isn't the product for you. Tip: When visiting the location you plan on holding your event, use your mobile phone to determine the signal strength. Certain buildings can block the cellular reception due to the structure, so in this case it's recommended to ask the venue if they provide Wi-Fi.)
  • What are your backdrop options?
    As Booth Domain continues to grow, we hope to give you a more extensive option of backdrops.
  • How heavy is the entire set up?
    • Photo booth (28 lbs.) • Printer (4 lbs.)
  • What's the print size and format?
    • Option # 1 - Three frames (2x3 - Perforated) • Option # 2 - Four frames (4x6)
  • Where do the photos get saved?
    While on Wi-Fi or cellular data the photos will be automatically uploaded to a dropbox for safe keeping.
  • Where and when can I access the photos?
    All your photos will be uploaded to a shareable public online gallery within 24 hours after the photo booth is returned.
  • How many logos can I request?
    All packages come with two free logo designs. You'll have the option of choosing 1 design out of the two. • First two logo designs are free. Additional design is $5. • Overlay design is $5. One option with multiple revisions.
  • I have a themed event — can I use copywritten images?
    Booth Domain CANNOT use any copywritten images or logos. This includes pictures of characters. However, we will do our best to design a logo that goes with the color scheme and theme.
  • Is a deposit required?
    No. However, once your booking request is approved — you'll be required to pay in full to secure your rental date.
  • What are acceptable payment methods?
    • Option #1 - PayPal • Option #2 - CashApp
  • Is it possible to select two (2) different rental dates — just in case plans change?
    Booth Domain unfortunately cannot guarantee rental dates as there's only so many to go around. To be fair to other clients we suggest you know which date you're requesting ahead of time when booking.
  • Where can I pick-up the photo booth?
    The photo booth and set up can be pick-up at Western Avenue Studios location in Lowell, MA.
  • Do you provide shipping or delivery?
    Unfortunately, at this moment, we do not. We hope to in the near future!
  • Is there an option to have someone set up the photo booth?
    Unfortunately, at this time we do not provide this service. Booth Domain is meant to be an easy setup that includes video and printed instructions.
  • Do you provide 24 hour customer service?
    We cannot guarantee that we'll be available to answer your questions as your event is happening. You're given the option to pick-up the photo booth and printer the day before, so you're able to get acclimated with the set up. We highly suggest and recommend testing out the product before the event.
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