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W I - F I    &    C E L L U L A R   D A T A

Please determine if this product will or will not work for you based on where you're setting up the photo booth and printer. A refund will not be issued for failure to check for Wi-Fi connection or cellular signal strength before booking.







Treat this product like any other mobile device or laptop that would require proper Wi-Fi or cellular reception to work. The stronger the signal — the better it'll perform. 

This product automatically comes with cellular data. However, it will not function properly in rural areas or buildings that are heavily constructed from metal or brick.

( CELLULAR TEST: Use your mobile phone or laptop to determine the signal strength. If you’re unable to visit the event space beforehand — call and check-in to ask about their Wi-Fi and cellular reception strength. )


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  Determine Lo.cation

Decide where you'd like to set up the photo booth and printer. If setting up outdoor— find a shaded area to avoid the harsh sun. The sun being the #1 culprit for causing raccoon eyes and bleached out skin.

Note for Outside Setup:  Be mindful that you'll have to adjust the light setting & temperature as the day goes on. 


  Designated Attendee

It's important to have a designated attendee check up on the photo booth & printer from time to time. Although it is a self-service product — someone will be required to change the ink and reload paper.

Note:  To avoid jamming printer — 20 photo papers max.



Find an appropriate sized table to accommodate not only the printer but for the prints as well, just in case they need to be laid out. 

Note:  Have the table & printer located as close as possible to the photo booth for a better Wifi connection.


  Charge The Products

The photo booth, printer and additional batteries will all be fully charged when picked up. However, if you do decide to use it before the event, re-charge the photo booth and printer before your guests use it. This allows longer wireless usage before resorting to the backup wires.

Note: An external power bank will be provided for the photo booth.

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